Coming home to San Diego from an osteopathic course in San Francisco last weekend, I walked down the stairs to the baggage claim area. Moving in the opposite direction were the incoming passengers going through the security check. I looked outside through the glass windows and doors and saw the uniformed airport workers and the jets on the tarmac. There were security signs posted on the doors and all the workers had badges. I realized that if someone was determined enough and planned and plotted long enough, she would be able to get through the security measures. That is what terrorists do. They are very determined to create damage and destruction for their own ends. Of course, I believe that the TSA and security measures have merit and stop many events. It is the power of determination that I began to contemplate.

Then the thought struck me, what if I was to be just that determined to sow love in the world. And, if others joined, instead of terrorists, we would be love-ists. I realized right away, that I would have to give up a lot of my petty judgements and resentments. What would the world look like if we became (as individuals) determined to spread love in our daily lives? How would our lives and thoughts have to change? Who would we have to forgive? Who would we have to ask for forgiveness? It could be a powerful lens for decision making.

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  1. admin says:

    That’s a beautiful idea.

  2. Natalie Rose Maquidato Olaso says:

    Tedx on “Nurturing Healing Love”:

  3. I’m in.
    This is such a great idea and a simple thing to do if you decide to start each day by thinking about what you are grateful for. Then tell yourself you are a Love-ist (in whatever way you want to phrase it). Write it down and put it in your pocket. Look at it throughout the day to remind yourself.

    I find I enjoy my day much more when I start it this way–no matter what words or phases I use.

    Thanks for your blog.

    Smile and Be Healthy

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